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Pet Sitting
Boarding Facility
- Pets remain in their own home, no transportation arrangements necessary

- Pets can maintain their normal routines

- Security of the home is checked by pet sitter upon each visit and care is taken to give home a "lived in" look to deter burglary.

- Pet Sitter can water plants and yard, bring in mail and newspaper, rotate lights and blinds, and handle curbside waste bin duties.

- Pet sitting rates are totally customizable, we don't have "packages".

- Pet sitters care for a wide variety of pets and are not limited to only dogs and cats.

- Your pet sitter's main focus is your pet and your home; time is spent doing the things your pet enjoys the most whether it's tummy rubs, playing ball, or being read to. Your pet sitter has the flexibility to do different activities at each visit to alleviate possible boredom in your pet.

- Your pet's sitter will feed whatever food you feed and if you happen to run out, we'll make a quick trip to the store to replace it.

- Pawsitive Attention Pet Services never charges extra for administering medications, sub-qs, or other basic medical care. When we are at your home, your pet is given our complete and undivided attention which reduces the risk of human error for such things as giving medications or special food instructions.

- Pet sitting allows your pet to remain at home, which is one less thing you need to worry about after returning from your trip.

- With pet sitting, your pet gets to enjoy her own bed and toys.

- We are happy to provide daily updates via blog, email, even text or phone call.

- Pets need to be transported to a boarding facility

- Pets are confined to a kennel except for play times and walks. In cage-free facilities, pets are able to enjoy the entire facility but reputable cage-free facilities require a temperament test which some dogs cannot pass.

- No care of home is provided when using a boarding facility.

- Most boarding facilities care for cats and dogs only.

- Many boarding facilites have strict schedules for playtime and meal times, including what activities are available.

- Boarding facilities often charge extra for playtime, walks, or special toys like stuffed kongs (which they provide).

- Some boarding kennels charge extra if you would like your own food used. If you run out of food during your trip, your dog will be placed on the "house blend."

- Most boarding facilities do not allow pets to bring personal belongings with them.

- Even the best boarding kennel is noisy and can be disruptive to some pets.

- "24 hour staff" may mean only 1 person overnight caring for literally hundreds of pets. Pet needs may not be met as quickly as they are during the day when more staff is present as overnight employees are often needed to ensure the facility is clean and in order for morning arrivals and facility tours.

- Many boarding facilities charge extra for photos or email updates. I don't know of a single one that can provide updates via text messaging.

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